Beautiful and various nature by Lipen lake (Lipenské jezero) offers ideal conditions forevery water sport, bathing, fishing, turistic a cycling trips.

Fishing permission and fishing tools are available to buy. In Jenišov village you can go to several restaurants, rent boats and pedal boats, minigolf, tenis coourts, billiard and darts. In Horní Planá village are summer cinema, dancing club and motorbike renting. There you can visit the Adalbert Stifter`s born house. If you crossed the lake by local ferry you can visit real nature, recently still forbiden for entrance.

Near by Lipen lake, there are situated lots of historical sights and places which are worth to see, e. g. Český Krumlov, Vyšší Brod. You can follow cycle-ways leading to main touristic centres. Ruin of kastle of Vitus stones (Vítův kámen), Halley of Moldau with stone bed and nature preserve Devil`s wall (Čertova stěna). You could follow country side by channel of Schwanzenberk used in past as water routes for woods from Šumava to Danobe. Unforgottable moments would surely be trip by historical train led by historical steam locomotive.


The Lipen region offers large net of signed pedestrian path connecting all village and tourist attractions to hiking lovers and of beautiful nature in all seasons in this region. It might be interesting trip on steamlocomotive, boat on lake or resting in some of local resturants while tasting cooking specialities.

Water sports

Lipen lake with it`s area (Length of 42km, width of 8km and total area of 4870 ha) is the largest lake in the Czech republic. Lipen lake (Lipno) is attracting lovers of yachting, surfing or fishing.

Around the entire lake, you could find a ltot of beaches for sunbathing and bathing. Great moment is even the weir of Moldau river before and bellow the lake. To provide you with total safety during your sport activity, there are three safe guard compenies.