Own tentage, cottages, caravans etc.


approx. 50m from lake coat, you would find
  • 6 persons cottages with own WC, shower and kitchen
  • 4 persons cottages with sparing WC and shower

Price list of cottages for one week in CZK (contacting prices):
TYPE terms in season (3.7.- 28.8.2010) * out of season
6 person cottage (big)9.900,- Kč5.500,- Kč
4 person cottage (small)4.500,- Kč4.000,- Kč


* Saturday from 13:00 to Saturday 10:00.

Extra payment

holiday fee (15 Kč + 4 Kč on a person) and used electricity
dog's license 450 Kč
key fee (guarantee payment before accomodation which would be paid back in case there would not be any harm to cottages or other facilities within autocamp area).


Contacting prices

1 or 2 Nights - 15% increased payment